Due to the passage of HB 3400 and the limits to the number of plants/patients a grower can have which goes in to effect in March, we are no longer able to connect patients to growers until our current waiting list of patients can be matched. We are very sorry to have to report this. Please refer to our blog for more information on these changes and what you can do to help stop them. Duff Johnson Consulting does not produce, nor sell cannabis. We only offer consultation services.

Growers needed

Duff Johnson Consulting is seeking growers willing to charitably donate medicine to medical marijuana patients on a regular basis. Please refer to our blog to see if you will be able to keep your patients if the plant number restrictions go into effect in March. We do not provide medicine ourselves so patients need growers that can help supply patients with medicine.

Grower Responsibilities

Oregon medical marijuana patients expect to receive some free medicine.  Growers in Oregon have raised the bar by producing the best cannabis in the world.  We expect our growers to give medicinal Grade A quality to the patients that allow them to grow and sell their excess. We can discuss how to proceed if there is a crop failure, or if the medicine does not look as good as one would hope.  Sometimes patients are ok with receiving Grade B buds if they are given more of the medicine because it may require more to receive the relief the patient needs.

Common Courtesies

Confidentiality is paramount to making the co op work. We ask that patients and growers not publicly discuss any criticism they might have. We hope that all criticism be sent directly to Duff Johnson Consulting because we will try to make the situation right. To any existing patient in our co op, and to all patients waiting for a grower,
please do not ever visit or contact the grower directly if Duff Johnson Consulting is being paid by the grower to be entrusted to deliver the medicine from the grower to the patient. Growers will drop any patient that violates this rule and we would not feel comfortable finding another grower for the patient. We also ask that you treat all Duff Johnson Consulting staff with respect.