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Terry Gordon is 100% deaf and 100% fluent in sign language. She is also an Oregon Medical Marijuana Patient who suffers...

In Her Own Words. Terry Gordon’s battle and how medical marijuana helps

Terry Gordon is 100% deaf and 100% fluent in sign language. She is also an Oregon Medical Marijuana Patient who suffers...

MMJ Leaf

Cha Cha Cha Changes, Turn and Face the Strange Part 2 post 2016 session

reprinted with special permission from We begged for a delay in the plant number restrictions and tracking so Oregon Medical...

An OMMP Patient’s Manifesto

If what I say sounds like what others are saying, it is because OMMP patients are united and we will continue...

Oregon Health Authority Interprets Marijuana Laws Strictly, Except When It Helps OMMP Patients

When House Bill (HB) 3400 was signed in to law by Oregon’s new Governor, Kate Brown, on June 30th, 2015,...

The fallacy that shrinking the OMMP will bring patients to the OLCC market

Many Oregon medical cannabis patients can’t afford dispensary prices. Over 40% of all patients qualify for a low-income discount on...

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Sarah Duff and Anthony Johnson have both been cannabis law reform activists for about 15 years. Their activism began with the University of Missouri NORML chapter and they were founding members of Mizzou’s first Students for Sensible Drug Policy chapter. They learned of Columbia, Missouri’s, initiative petition process to directly change the laws and helped put marijuana law reform measures on the local city ballot. The first decriminalization initiative was a local initiative in Columbia, Missouri and reached the ballot in April 2003. The petition failed by 7%. We, along with a growing team of activists, responded by getting 2 local initiatives on the ballot in Columbia, one that decriminalized cannabis possession, and one that legalized possession for people with a doctor’s recommendation. These initiatives both passed overwhelmingly in November 2004 and are on the books today.

Shortly after getting married, Sarah and Anthony set their sights on Oregon in 2004. Since then, Anthony Johnson has been the Chief Petitioner of two initiatives in Oregon, and both Sarah and Anthony make their voices heard at public hearings to protect and improve Oregon’s marijuana laws. In 2010 Anthony was co-author and Co-Chief Petitioner of Measure 74, the Medical Marijuana Dispensary Initiative, that gained some momentum for dispensaries, but lost by 6.1% of the vote. In 2013, the Oregon Legislature legalized dispensaries as a way to regulate and legitimize how patients can access medicine safely. Anthony was co-author and Chief Petitioner of Measure 91, which legalized cannabis for all adults. The initiative passed with over 56% of the vote in 2014. Anthony has since been selected to sit on the Oregon Measure 91 Rules Advisory Committee that will help develop Oregon’s rules and regulations governing state-licensed marijuana businesses.

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