OMMP Patients seeking Charitable Growers

HoldingHands-FBThe Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP), established by popular vote in 1998, has helped thousands of sick and disabled patients secure safe access to medicine. The program can be confusing for many growers and patients, especially those that don’t have much experience with cannabis. Many patients, especially those that live in areas that have banned medical marijuana dispensaries, wonder how they can obtain medicine. Since more than 40% of patients qualify for a low-income discount program, many cannot afford medical marijuana without a qualified grower who can provide medicine at little or no cost. We are here to help growers and patients through the entire process: how qualified patients can acquire an OMMP card and how to find a qualified grower.

If you would like to grow six more mature plants and charitably offer medicine to patients please go to the contact us page and inquire about how you can help patients in need. Thanks to the many growers in the co op we can pool all of the medicine together and match the right medicine with the right patient. We also provide free full extract cannabis oil to patients so please don’t throw out any old medicine or trim. It can all be used to make cancer fighting oil.

There is no better feeling than that of helping people. If you would like to help patients please contact us today!