In Her Own Words. Terry Gordon’s battle and how medical marijuana helps

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Terry Gordon is 100% deaf and 100% fluent in sign language. She is also an Oregon Medical Marijuana Patient who suffers from severe pain. Her transformation since discovering medical marijuana can inspire others to find the relief they deserve no matter where they live. This is her story in her own words. – Sarah Duff


How Medical Marijuana unexpectedly changed my life


I was introduced to RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) last November 2014. Since then I started to notice the following:

∙ pain is more stable and I can tolerate the pain much better.

∙ sleep better

∙ function better

∙ no seizures since last attack in 1999

∙ no tinnitus

∙ I look healthy and radiant

∙ I eat better

∙ Itch less on my left upper back where old tumor was removed.

∙ much less vertigo attacks

∙ clearer thinking

∙ I feel like my body is nurtured and is not being damaged by my medication

∙ increased independence

∙ Better more uplifting mood, happier and I laugh more just because I can tolerate what I am feeling better

∙ I have the strength to go on and on living this minute not a minute ago or a minute later but this minute. Stay optimistic

∙ much less cancel appointments/reschedule doctors and clinics appointments/transportations etc… compare to Texas, usually tend to cancel and reschedule repeat due to sick and pain. Totally opposite in Oregon. I keep all the appointments and very rare reschedule. Totally big difference!

∙ using the power wheel chair has given me more life besides oil/flowers, no need for a caregiver.

I struggled with caregivers for 30+ years. Oil and flowers and the power wheel chair has actually given me full independent that I never experienced it. Long for that and have hard times with doctors, as my outside looks like normal person but inside not. Puzzle why doctors not tell me anything. Now with cannabis and power wheel chair I gain life I ever had in my lifetime.

This says a lot! And now I’m scared and realize what I have done. I have broken federal laws and in illegal states, state laws. I hope the Federal government will be willing to work with patients.

They need it greatly and means so much to their health as it does mine.

I do not look at medical marijuana users as drug users. It may or may not have unwanted side effects but look at the positive outlook by seeing yourself move better and function better. I meet a lot of people who thinks marijuana is a “drug.” I say no but you have to use it right. Seek the right strains that work better for you, keep a journal and discuss with your doctors. I look forward see medical marijuana laws change so more people can get relief. We should change our health system by adding Medical Marijuana access in all 50 states. Give all patients the opportunity to grow and be happy, be able to travel to see their families across state lines without breaking the laws. Let patients benefit form research.


I do NOT have life quality without medical marijuana because without it, I will be totally lost back into a roaring ocean with pain all over again.