Terry Gordon is 100% deaf and 100% fluent in sign language. She is also an Oregon Medical Marijuana Patient who suffers from severe pain. Her transformation since discovering medical marijuana can inspire others to find the relief they deserve no matter where they live. This is part 2 of her story in her own words, but Terry has allowed me to rephrase for the purposes of clearly articulate what she is saying. – Sarah Duff

I was still struggling with abdomen pains and it was more stable with RSO oil. I recently experimented with trying to get off RSO as I wanted to just smoke the flowers to see if I can tolerate the pain alright. No, that was not yet a good idea. The pain came back and felt  like a shotgun went through my abdomen area. My liver was suffering from calcification badly. I’m working on it by eating right, as much as I can, stay on RSO oil and avoid stress. Smoking mainly helps overall pain and RSO oil feel like it is “healing” me on the inside.

I maintain my left flank pain with smoking flowers. I’m surprised when the pain is stable for a while. There are times when I still need to rest to take it easy to deal with the pain. That pain in my left flank on the pain scale is at 6-7 daily basis. Rest of body, 4-5 on the scale. My top right brain where a lump exists, does get tender at times. When it hurts, I smoke and usually goes away. My right lower leg is still a problem at times. My lower back is stable most of the time. Once in a while I still experience the same electric shock in my brain like I have for a very long time but it is much less than before.

Before, I was experiencing a jolt shock at times in my heart and left lung area and that has since stopped. Now my upper left chest feels tender. That has improved 90-95% with the help of RSO oil. I still struggle with low back pain from time to time, but I know my limit and take it easy. I keep doing my exercises, move around and stretch. I smoke the flowers to keep that pain in my comfort zone. Before MMJ started, my lower back pain is way over 10+ and keep telling everyone that no one can be in my shoes and stay alive to this day. It’s incredibly bad pain. Once I started RSO oil I was surprised and shocked that my pain level is now about 4 to 5 with stable medicine intake. It all depends on what I am doing. I fought for so many years to just get to this comfort zone.

What I would love to see for now and future generations is for Insurance to cover this medicine. Naturopath doctors should be able recommend medical marijuana as should physical therapists and Chiropractors. Fitness instructors should understand medical marijuana and recommend people in severe pain to swim and be willing to work with patients by giving them access to durable medical equipment during their recovery. Support groups should exist for people who want to try to understand how MMJ works and advocate for the right modalities for their condition.

After two years of trial finding which cannabis forms helps better for me and my rare genetic disease. I started with smoking flowers and taking pain pills back then. I saw improvement but something was blocked from getting better and the pain was too extreme. After I got off the pain pills, it was a nightmare for my lower back for two full weeks. I was about to lose my mind. I tried Cheeba Chews, some kind of oil in coffee or tea and that wasn’t enough. So I contacted the Portland Alternative Clinic and the doctor recommended that I try RSO oil and talk to people who have used it. I talked to a patient that advised me that she only take one RSO pill at night time and it was plenty enough for her. I thought, “Okay lets’ do it.” I went out and brought the RSO oil and the people at the store kept saying please keep taking it to build up a tolerance. I did not understand back then what a “tolerance point” was until I tried RSO oil myself. And yes, I can see the need to build up a tolerance to the point where you feel like you are in a “comfort zone.” I could see that Cannatonic oil helped. I also tried to get myself stable by moving around and getting exercise. I was able to get a grower and she gave me a bag of oil with vegan capsules readily measured. That moment changed my life forever.