I Love Cannabis in the Daytime and Nighttime Strains and Strategy for Whatever Energy Level You Desire


Cannabis can relax people after a long day at work, but some people need sleep, not recreation. Are there ways to use cannabis to bring sleep sooner rather than later? Are there certain strains that may bring or ward off sleep? What about during your day off, can cannabis be enjoyed all day long without feeling like you want to hibernate for the season beginning at 5pm? My answer to all of these questions is yes. Most people that use cannabis daily have mastered day use. Here is my advice for cannabis users that need more rest and advice for those that want to enjoy cannabis many hours before bedtime.

Sleep Seeker Strategy

Insomnia is a horrendous condition that can cause someone to get in trouble at work and cramp anyone’s style. Sometimes a quick solution to insomnia is to just look for some buds you’ve stashed away. Any cannabis that has been exposed to heat or air will likely have gone through a degradation causing cannabinoid levels to change and become more sleep inducing. Cannabinol, or CBN, is the cannabinoid that insomniacs need to make them sleepy. CBN “stems from CBGA. Naturally, cannabis plants produce enzymes that convert CBGA to different cannabinoids such as CBCA, CBDA or THCA. If a sample is exposed to air for a prolonged period of time, THCA will convert to CBNA. CBN is then formed by decarboxylation of CBNA” according to Wikipedia. Buds that are older are more likely to have been exposed to heat and air so you may find luck getting zzzz just by cleaning out your old baggies.

Quick Introduction to the Cannabis Family, Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis

There are three genus of cannabis, Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Ruderalis. Most connoisseurs agree, Indicas are the most likely to cause a person to feel more relaxed. Sativa is more like coffee or other stimulants and can cause your heart to race. The least understood cannabis genus is Ruderalis. Breeders such as the people from Zambeza Seeds know that Ruderalis is a smaller cannabis plant with few branches. The buds are not high in THC or CBD, but can be crossed with Sativas and Indicas to create an autoflowering strain, which some growers prefer, because of their quick flowering cycle. Crosses of Ruderalis with either Indica or Sativa can be high in THC or CBD, but is not likely to produce as much per plant as a pure Sativa or Indica due to it’s quick growth cycle and less number of branches. I have noticed that more autoflowering strains are sativa dominant because indoor growers often prefer the short and stubby plants to the “out of control” giant branchy sativas with longer flowering times.

What are Hybrids? Where does Ruderalis fit in?

In dispensaries or retail cannabis stores you see three different categories next to the strain names. Sativa, Indica and Hybrid. Hybrids are simply a term for crosses of Indicas and Sativas and are usually dominant to one side or another. Ruderalis is never mentioned because it’s influence does not change the medicinal quality. Growers would need to know it’s genealogical roots because of it’s different grow cycle and the plant’s desire to switch to flower from the vegetative state when the roots hit the side of the pot or if the light cycle is changed in any way.

Strains for Sleep Inducing

One strain pops to mind when I think of sleep inducing strains. Blackberry Kush has always brought me down to the level I’m looking for and this is the only strain I avoid during the day because it almost always made me sleepy early. My cut of this strain was a ruderalis cross which made it flower quickly outside, which can be good if Portland, Oregon decides to begin the rainy season early. My outdoor Blackberry Kush tested at 20% THC and no detectible CBD or CBN according to Cascadia Labs.

I have a theory that outdoor marijuana is better for sleep inducing than indoor. I don’t know if I find that I am more sleepy after using outdoor cannabis because maybe it was grown many months ago or if it is because outdoor cannabis is grown by the sun and it produces all of the cannabinoid profile. Our indoor lights do what they can to mimic the sun but can’t replicate it perfectly. I don’t turn down outdoor cannabis, I love it. It tends to be a bit more of a smooth high vs feeling like you’ve done too much speed.

Alternate Thought on Effects of Sativas and Indicas

Leafly is a website that educates their viewers on strains and labels each strain as Sativa, Indica or Hybrid. In one of their blogs, they discuss Chemestry PhD, Dr. Jeffrey Raber’s argument about the generalization that Sativas are like speed and Indicas are like sedatives may be a myth. I, too, question the generalization, as evidenced by my own experimentation with the strain, Granddaddy Purple one morning. Leafly said that Granddaddy Purple was an Indica. It was delicious and tasted like spicy grapes. It was a great morning, followed by a great afternoon and evening and all three parts of day involved at least one session of my new exciting strain. I went to sleep at a normal time and got great rest. I know some people that think some Sativas make them fall asleep and Indicas wake them up. If you fall into this category, then use what works to create your desired effect.

No Doze Methods for Day Use and All Day Consumption

Life can be exhausting. No one wants to party when a blink can turn into a long period of shut eye. Mixing alcohol with cannabis during the day usually does cause a person to go to sleep earlier. So if you want to stay awake all day and have the energy to party you may want to stick to cannabis and have your first drink later in the evening. Early drinking without cannabis can also lead to early sleep so beware of this fact when you wish to be “going strong” later in the evening.

I enjoy cannabis daily. I tend to feel the speedy effects of cannabis only once per day after smoking for the first time. Exceptions to this include when I have a new strain that I save for when I’m no longer feeling the full effects of previous smoking sessions. It can also happen when I try something known to have more THC than previous strain selections earlier in the day. Another way to make cannabis feel like speed after first use is when I smoke flowers first, and then later I use concentrated forms of cannabis. Concentrates can really get the heart pumping. One strategy I employ is to use my cannabis that is less potent first, and then use stronger strains later in the day, or switch to concentrated hash oils like Butane Hash Oil or CO2 oil. Bubble hash often makes me tired, but that is more than likely because I often made the hash from older material exposed to air over time. I’ve experienced less sleepy hash when the material was not older before processing. Using fresh cut cannabis plants to produce bubble hash is divine and I highly recommend you try it any time of day.

When the plant is cut can also effect how sleepy or speedy the high will be. Trichromes are the crystals that produce on the cannabis flowers and leaves that contain cannabinoids and terpines which both influence the high. A plant cut before any amber color is produced in the trichromes is more likely to make the heart race versus a plant whose tricromes are fully amber, which can be sleep inducing. Some people say the amber color is better for medicine and the creamy color with hints of amber are best for those wanting maximum THC potency which can make the heart race.

Strains for Daytime Use

If you notice that sativas are better for day time use then you are like most people. Today I tried some Candyland, pictured above, which Leafly says is a Sativa cross of Bay Platinum Girl Scout Cookies and Granddaddy Purple. I find it confusing that a Hybrid Platinum Girl Scout Cookies could cross with the Indica Grandaddy Purple but I must say, I love Candyland during the day. It reminds me of the grape taste I remember in the Granddaddy Purple and leaves a sweet minty aftertaste that I remember from Platinum Girl Scout Cookies. Candyland goes very well with my morning coffee. When I first started trying this strain it made my heart race like falling in love, which was exactly what I was doing, I fell in love with the strain. Other Sativa strain favorites of mine include Island Sweet Skunk and Hawaiian Snow which are both Hawaiian strains. Super Silver Haze has also seemed to hit the spot when I’m looking for a pick me up.


I am more likely to get a head rush when I use cannabis during the day. Be careful when you stand up. Get up slowly so you don’t risk passing out. This is even more prevalent when you use edibles during the day.


Luckily most cannabis users don’t want to operate heavy machinery soon after using cannabis, which may contribute to the low numbers of cannabis related car accidents. However we just started convincing voters to allow cannabis use. Please do not take any risks driving after consuming because we need to be a good example to the 46 other states living in pure prohibition.