How to Use Cannabis Medicinally and or Recreationally

Group of people vaporizing cannabis

If you choose to try cannabis and you have never used it before, then I recommend that you educate yourself to ensure that cannabis has a positive effect on you. If you eat a cannabis brownie or do a Butane Hash Oil hit as your first cannabis use then you are likely to have a bad experience. If you have a friend that didn’t show you how to use cannabis and enjoy it, then rookie mistakes can cause you to have a bad day or two. I’ll be your friend and I can show you the way.  Here are my rules and recommendations for using cannabis to give you the best chance at seeing what all the fuss and cannabis culture is all about.


Rule #1 Drink Water: Drink a lot more water than you think you will need and if possible drink extra before use. Pound it. Then drink more after use.

Rule #2 Start with one dose: Do not overuse cannabis because overuse causes a bad day and night or two. We issue recommendations for how to use cannabis and please use caution. If you get too high or use it wrong, then you will find out the hard way that cannabis use can be anything but enjoyable. For edibles I recommend a dime size piece and wait for 2 hours before consuming more if you don’t feel anything. If you’re smoking, I recommend one hit off of a joint or pipe.  Those vaporizing you may need more than one hit but vaporizing is slightly safer to try more if you feel nothing right away.

Rule #3 Smoke before drinking alcohol if you intend to use both, 1 drink before may be ok: People with a low to medium cannabis tolerance should NOT drink more than 1 beverage containing alcohol before using cannabis unless you have tried smoking after drinking a similar amount, and liked it. Using cannabis after drinking alcohol can be a science experiment that can lead to dizziness or severe nausea. Eating edibles and then drinking alcohol can also cause severe nausea, even someone with a high tolerance. It is possible that only seasoned cannabis users can enjoy mixing cannabis and alcohol. However using cannabis before drinking alcohol can be very beneficial assuming the person isn’t driving. Mixing the two requires caution and education for best results. I recommend using cannabis first and then wait to drink until you feel less high. Beginners often enjoy cannabis more if they do not drink. I learned to smoke or vaporize an hour before I start drinking. Then after having my first drink I was taught to smoke/vape a little in addition also drinking plenty of water. If you only need one hit of cannabis to feel impaired, then I recommend not mixing cannabis and alcohol until you feel like you can handle additional impairment.


Volcano vaporizer bag inflating

Rule #4 Don’t rush into having a great tolerance for cost reasons, but some tolerance adds to enjoyment: Most people are not blessed with plentiful, free cannabis. For most people, it costs money. Those living in a state or municipality that prosecutes drug war laws to the fullest sadly must pay premium prohibition cannabis prices. States and localities that highly tax legal cannabis also pay a premium. Forbes says Oregon cannabis is the cheapest so Oregonians with a high tolerance are in the right place. Keep in mind that excessive use of cannabis gets complicated for people. It makes you rearrange your life around funding your use and changes your lifestyle. Now that I’ve covered the dangers of tolerance we should also cover the four benefits of tolerance. 1. You don’t get the munchies quite as bad unless you’re malnourished. 2. You don’t get as high, so you can think more straight. 3. Your eyes don’t get as red so you can enjoy life while enjoying cannabis without anyone knowing the wiser. 4. You can communicate what you’re thinking a little better while high, adding to its enjoyment factor.

Rule #5 Eat good healthy food: The desire to devour the whole bag of Cheetos can be quelled but we are human and make mistakes. I realize sometimes you fail and you eat everything in your kitchen. Tolerance can help with this issue.

Rule #6 Do not attempt to drive while you know you are affected by a cannabis high:There are few proven cases of drivers hitting people while under the influence of cannabis and let’s keep it that way. Use public transportation, taxi or wait until you have your wits completely about you. Never admit to using cannabis within the last 24 hours to a law enforcement officer if you get pulled over. Drivers in Washington that consume cannabis daily are likely to be at risk of a DUI if they drive within 48 hours of use, which daily users would have to do. Washington’s legalization initiative contained a tough DUI clause and Colorado followed suit. Oregon has fought off a per se DUI because of its inaccuracy to detect impairment.

Rule #7 Keep your stash away from kids and pets: Better yet, lock it up. Do not take any chances leaving any medicine or marijuana out, especially edibles.


Recommendation #1 Use glycerin tincture first: Glycerin tincture is the least debilitating form of ingesting. It is less debilitating than vaporizing or smoking. It is far less debilitating than edibles containing cannabis butter or oil. Glycerin tincture does not typically cause the negative effects that go along with people that eat edibles with cannabis butter or oil. Glycerin tincture does not have a heavy feeling like canna butter, or oil and has a significantly less long duration. Glycerin tincture can be a fuzzy high or just a better more relaxed feeling with mild headache relief. It is typically only beginners that feel a high from tincture, and if you experience this you should come down off the high after close to 30 minutes. However even after the high wears off, the pain and anxiety relief can continue for 24 hours. Daily tincture use for 2 weeks can cause better results. If you do not like tincture or if you have nausea I would try vaporizing.

Recommendation #2 Second try vaporizing before smoking: There are few, if any, proven harms associated with vaporizing good cannabis. If it is your first time, or the first time in a long time, then start with a small amount because this is a far different feeling than you’ve ever had. You’ve never plugged your endocannabinoid system receptors like this, so take it slow.

Recommendation for Nausea, try vaporizing or smoking: If I am nauseous I think smoking is worth any risk to my lungs, if you do not yet have a vaporizer. It’s worthless to swallow an edible or tincture if you’re nauseous but at times I have swished tincture when sick with the stomach flu for pain relief. I had to spit it out because I couldn’t swallow but swishing it under the tongue helped for the headache.

Recommendation for use of Edibles: If you are fearless of being impaired, you can try eating food with cannabis infused butter or oil but start with a microscopic amount. Start by eating a small corner of the edible and wait 2 hours. I have heard of someone that was allergic to cannabis in any amount. He gets hives if people smoke it around him and he must be rushed to the hospital if he eats or smokes a very small amount. It was like a bee sting for someone who is allergic. I know someone else that enjoys occasional small puffs of cannabis but any amount of cannabis infused butter or oil makes her violently ill. So test your tolerance to ensure you can handle edibles and if you do have a positive result, then work your way up. If you feel too high off an edible you are affected for 6 hours – 2 days.

Recommendation for what to do while high: This will take a lifetime to answer. Here’s a good start If you’re not sure what to do when high: I suggest you watch something funny. Laughter is the best medicine, besides cannabis in my opinion. Have fun and use safely!