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Because the number of growers willing to grow for patients has diminished substantially, we are no longer taking names for our waiting list for patients in need of a grower. We have hundreds of patients on our waiting list that have been waiting for over a year. I am very sorry for this news. We are actively working to encourage OLCC Licensed Producers to donate medicine to a willing dispensary who will then give the medicine to patients for free as well as other legislation that would divert some of the taxes from the sale of cannabis to low income patients.

Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) growers requiring patients may use our “Contact” form to describe your situation and we will do our best to meet your needs. We screen patients and growers to best ensure a successful relationship and that medical needs are met. The Duff Johnson Consulting team also can assist with all aspects of OMMP compliance issues, freeing up growers’ time to concentrate on providing quality medicine for patients. We endeavor to help patients and growers, wherever they reside in Oregon.

Additionally, if you are a cannabis industry entrepreneur, or someone looking to join the industry, we also help cannabis businesses with OLCC and local licensing, compliance issues and social media marketing. The DJC team has helped several successful businesses successfully complete OLCC applications across Oregon, brand marijuana companies and ancillary companies and successfully pass positive cannabis reform legislation, including the Measure 91 legalization campaign.

We look forward to helping more patients, businesses, and sensible reforms. Please let us know how DJC can assist you.

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