Cha Cha Cha Changes, Turn and Face the Strange. OMMP plant numbers will decrease March 1st, 2016 unless we act now!

Soon the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program is going to change because of the passage of HB 3400. There will be a limit to the number of plants at a grow site and a change to the definition of a “veg plant.” Here are the tools growers need to make sure you stay legal as an OMMP grower and the information on what you can do if you don’t agree with these changes.

March 1st, OMMP growers will be limited to 12, 24, 48 or 96 mature plants depending on how you are zoned and if you are granted “grandfathered status.” The plant number restrictions only pertain to mature plants. You will be able to have an unlimited number of veg plants and also the definition of a veg plant changes so they can be any size, but just showing no flowers.

Growers in urban residential areas will be able to grow 12 plants which means you can have 2 patients if your grow site is in a building in any city limits zoned as urban residential. If you had 3-4 of the same patients at your urban residential home before 12/31/14, then you may apply now to be grandfathered in to keep your 3-4 patients. This means if you had a patient that didn’t renew, or if you had a patient pass away then your replacement patient can not help you keep your grandfathered patient position.

Any building that is not zoned as urban residential may have more plants. You would be able to have 48 plants which means 8 patients. If you had 9-16 of the same patients since 12/31/14, then you can apply now to be grandfathered in to be able to keep the 9-16 patients.

We urge those who care about medical marijuana patients to please call your legislator and urge them to delay the implementation of these plant number restrictions. Patients and growers deserve more time to prepare for changes because the laws are actually renewed prohibitions for acts that have been legal for 16 years. Many growers do not have the internet or pay attention to the news about these changes. The rule making process for the medical marijuana program is not complete and the new rules will be implemented in less than three months. Growers and Patients need more time to restructure or else many patients that are using life saving medicine will be forced to go without and many growers that don’t pay attention to media will be out of compliance.

A second reason to delay these plant restrictions is because there will be a shortage of medical marijuana and adult use (recreational) marijuana which is currently being sold at dispensaries while the OLCC sets up the permanent adult use industry. The OLCC has approached the new market carefully so there are no shortages, and it would be ridiculous to have shortages simply because of the legislature’s distrust in the medical marijuana program.

The legislature is distrustful because all medical marijuana grows are not regulated in a “seed to sale market” which is costly. But if this is the only way for large scale growers to be allowed to help more than 8 patients I think our community would choose to be given that chance.

The point of legalization was to empty our jails and our courts of marijuana offenses. Medical marijuana growing should not be a criminal offense, but many will violate the renewed prohibitions if we do not delay implementation.

flowersMake your voice heard by emailing the legislators that have the most power to change medical marijuana laws.,,,,,,,,